Shortcode Bootstrap Visuals

bootstrap-visuals-favimageCustom Bootstrap 4 plugins for WordPress are hard to find. Most of them intefere with your current site setup. I created my own after not finding what I needed.


I had no intention to write this WordPress plugin at all. While looking for something simple to just allow me to add Bootstrap objects to my pages, I couldn’t find anything serving my purpose. Most plugins available are still based on Bootstrap 3. Others interfered with my existing site, overwriting styles because of not using custom style names instead of the Bootstrap ones.

Lo and behold, I decided to write my own WordPress plugin based on my Bootstrap Visuals for Confluence plugin that is out there for a while now.


My goal was to write a plugin that can coexist with any other that uses common Bootstrap styles. Key to that is to use unique style names even though they do the same as the Bootstrap styles. Other available plugins did not address that challenge. Bootstrap styles are popular and common but plugins using them ovewrwrite each other if you use them on your site.

My Bootstrap Visuals for WordPress pluigin (BSV) uses custom style names. They don’t interfere with any regular styles that may have been introduced by other plugins using them. So even if you use one of those, BSV will still work. That’s what I needed.


I put together a few examples on this page:

Shortcode Bootstrap Visuals Examples


If you are interested, all details about it can be found here:

Shortcode Bootstrap Visuals Manual