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The Power of Confluence Macros

confluence-user-macrosWhen you host Confluence yourself, custom user macros can become a powerful companion for your daily work.


Confluence is a popular Enterprise Wiki and collaboration platform. Made by Atlassian, it is available as a Cloud Service or as an on-premise version. While the Cloud service of Confluence is quite restricted in features, the server or Data Center versions for on-premise installations offer much more freedom and options. You can download a trial version right from their web site here:

What are Confluence User Macros ?

If you run your own Confluence instance (Server or Data Center) you can create custom “User Macros”, little scripts that can be included in pages creating content on the fly. With those macros you can create simple HTML code as well as utilize Velocity code accessing information from your Confluence database.

I will not address the basics of writing a user macro here. That is well documented in the Confluence documenation here.

My User Macros

Along my work as a Confluence administrator I ran into several situations where native Confluence Server features did not offer what my admins or my users needed. Plugins were not available either or too expensive for the purpose. In many of those cases I founds that a user macro was just the right solution to the challenge. The Confluence user community helped me a lot writing them. Here are my most useful ones as my contribution back to that community.


All details about it can be found here if you are interested:

My Confluence User Macros