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TeamCal Neo supports to send messages to registered users. Three types of messages can be sent:

  • E-mail : The message will be sent as an email to the address/es configured in the user profiles.
  • Silent Message : A silent message is put on the recepients message page. It will not popup when he/she logs in.
  • Popup Message : A popup message will pop up when the recipient logs in.

Creating a Message

You can create messages selecting Message Editor from the Edit menu.

Select the message type,recipients and other options and type in your message. Then click [ Send ] to send it after you entered the security code.

Button Description
Sends your message

Viewing your Messages

TeamCal Neo support sending messages to users. You can display the messages sent to you by selecting Messages from the View menu.

All your messages are displayed on the page. Depending on their type they are colored differently. You can confirm or delete them.


Button Description
Switches all your popup messages to silent ones
Deletes all your messages
Deletes a single message
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