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Active Users

This tab lists all currently active users.

Archived Users

This tab lists all archived users. Archived users are stored in a separate table in the database. Archiving a user offers the option to put a user “on hold” for a while, e.g. during a maternity leave. The user will not be shown in the calendar until you activate it again.


Filter Function
Search Search the user list by text (any appearance in first or last name will be found)
Group Filter by group
Role Filter by role

Top Menu Buttons

Button Function
Submits the search term in the Search field
Resets the list to all users (unfiltered)
Opens a dialog to create a new user account
Opens the page

List Entry Buttons

Button Function
View user information
Edit user profile

Bottom Menu Buttons

Button Function
Opens a dialog to reset the password for all selected users
Archives all selected users
Deletes all selected users
Activates all selected user (unhide, unlock, unhold and verify)


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