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TeamCal Neo requires a proper license to work. A free version of TeamCal Neo, TeamCal Neo Basic, is also available. Read more about it here.

Requesting a License

You can request a license via several channels:

Please submit your full name, postal address, a valid email address and your company name if applicable.

Your request will be processed and a proper invoice sent to you. After the payment of the license fee has been received, a license key will be generated for you and sent to you. This license key has to be entered and activated in TeamCal Neo. Please install TeamCal Neo for that purpose first.

Activating your License

After installing TeamCal Neo, go to Adminstration -> Framework Configuration -> License Tab. The tab will show a warning indicator and two alert boxes will be displayed. Don’t worry about those now because after the activation thay will disappear.

Enter the license key provided to you in the License Key text box:

After clicking ‘Apply’, go back to the License tab. It will look something like this:

Registering your License

Your license is now active but you need to register it for the domain you are using it on.

Click the Register button.

After that, your license is properly installed and you can use TeamCal Neo in all its beauty. Looking that the License tab again, it will look something like this:

Deregistering your License

You can deregister your license from the current domain in order to move the license to a different one. Perform these steps.

  1. Install TeamCal Neo on the new domain.
  2. Click the Deregister button on the current domain.
  3. Activate and register the license on the new domain.
  4. Uninstall TeamCal Neo from the current domain.

License Expiry Warning

TeamCal Neo licenses are valid for a year and need to be renewed then. As a convenience for you to not forget about it, TeamCal Neo can notify you about an upcoming expiry with a warning message. See this screenshot:

You can select how many days before the expiry you want to see this message. Enter the appropriate value in the “License Expiry Warning” field.

Enter 0 if you do not want to be notified.




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