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Database Management

Optimize Tables

Button Description
Initiates a MySQL table optimization

Clean Up

The clean up feature allows to delete obsolete records from the past, like month templates or daynotes.

Button Description
Cleans up the selected tables

Delete Records

Button Description
Deletes the selected records


TeamCal Neo does not offer an own export/import feature anymore. Why create the wheel twice when there are more capable and secure free applications out there to manage databases, e.g. phpMyAdmin. What you can do here is enter the URL to your favorite database management tool, save it and launch it then by clicking/tapping on [ Database Administration ].

Button Description
Saves the link to your database administration tool
Launches the link given in the URL field. If no link is saved, the button will not show.

Reset Database

Button Description
Will replace all your information with the installation sample database.

TeamCal Pro Import

TeamCal Neo is not compatible with TeamCal Pro anymore. However, you can import core data from TeamCal Pro, like user accounts, if you have used TeamCal Pro before and want to migrate to TeamCal Neo. I recommend to try this with a test database first.

Button Description
Will launch the TeamCal Pro import page.


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