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Absence Allowance

How Allowances work

There are two types of allowances.

Type Where to set Description
Global allowance Absence Type Edit => Options This is the global allowance for all users as long as they don’t have a personal allowance record. If the Global Allowance is 0, an unlimited allowance is assumed.
Personal allowance User Profile Edit => Absences This is the personal allowance record for a single user. If it exists and the personal allowance is 0, it means 0 (no allowance).

Setting Global Allowance

The Global Allowance value for an absence type can be set on the Absence Type Edit page, Options tag:

Setting Personal Allowance

The Personal Alloawance value for an absence type can be set in the User Profile Edit, Absences tab:

Allowance Check

When a user enters an absence in his calendar, the follwing allowance checks are made:

  1. If no personal allowance record exists
    1. If a positive golbal allowance is set, check against that allowance
    2. If global allowance is 0 (unlimited): Allow the absence
  2. else (a personal allowance record exists)
    1. Check against the personal allowance (here, 0 means 0 => not allowed)

Personal Allowance Record

A personal allowance record does not exist per default. It is created the first time the User Profile Edit is loaded by the following rules:

  1. If the Global Allowance is 0 (unlimited)
    1. The Personal Allowance is set to 365 (which is “unlimited” considering that the value is counted per year)
  2. If the Global Allowance is not zero
    1. The Personal Allowance is set to the value of the Global Allowance


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