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The Alert Box is a panel basically. You can define the style, heading and more via shortcode paarmeters. The text inbetween the opening and closing shortcode tags is displayed in the panel.

Examples and Outputs

[bsv-alert heading="Example Alert"]This is an alert box using the Bootstrap primary style.[/bsv-alert]


[bsv-alert parameter="value" ...]your text here[/bsv-alert]


Parameter Description Default
style Defines the Bootstrap style. Supported values:

  • danger
  • dark
  • info
  • light
  • primary
  • secondary
  • success
  • warning
heading Heading of the alert box Example Alert
dismissible Defines whether the alert box is dismissible by an ‘x’ button in the upper right corner. Supported values:

  • no
  • yes
width By default, the alert box spans over the full width of the parent object. You can sepcify a specific width here, e.g. 500px or 50% 100%


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