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For the Rainmeter Grayhound Skin to work you need to install two products.

  1. Rainmeter
  2. HWiINFO


HWiINFO is a popular, free and amazingly detailed hardware information tool for Windows. It digs deep into the guts of your system and extracts all the details it can find. A natural choice and source for Rainmeter skins. I wish the Rainmeter team would support and document it better. Thanks to other Rainmeter skin developers it has been proven as a suitable Rainmeter metering source.

Once you have installed HWiINFO it needs to be started and configured to work with Rainmeter. My documentation below is based on what I found in the Gadgets skin by SilverAzide.

HWiNFO setup for Rainmeter


Download and install Rainmeter. Select to have it start with Windows.

Start Rainmeter manually or restart Windows.

Grayhound Skin

Download the Grayhound Skin from here:

Rainmeter Skin Grayhound

Unzip the file and in it you will find an *.rmskin file. Double-click it. Rainmeter will open the file and install it for you.


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