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With the jco-filter shortcode you can display a sortable table with the result of a Jira JQL filter.

Examples and Outputs

[jco-issue host="1071" jql="project=ADMIN AND resolution=unresolved" fields="issuetype,priority,key,summary,status" showcount="true"]


[jco-filter parameter="value" ...]


Parameter Description Default
fields A comma separated list of Jira fields to display, e.g.


If you did not yet specify a default list of fields in the global options, you must use this parameter. Otherwise the table will be empty.

no value
host * Mandatory. The post ID of the Jira host no value
jql * Mandatory. The JQL query you want to run on the host no value
maxresults How many results (matching issues) to display 50
showcount Show a count of the query result above the table. Example

Showing 20 of 7650 results (match 1 to 20)

In the above example:

20 = maxresults
1 = (startat-1)

startat Which result is the first to show. 0 is the first result. (If you want to start at the 51st result you need to set this to 50). 0


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