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Jira Hosts

You can configure any number of Jira hosts to connect to from your site. However, your WordPress site needs to be able to connect to these hosts.

After the Lewe Jira Connector has been installed, there will be a new post type “Jira Hosts” available.

Adding a Jira Host

Go to the Jira Hosts page and click Add New to add a new host.


Parameter Description
Description Enter a speaking name for this entry to identify it by.
URL The complete URL for the Jira host, incl. http:// or https:// .
Username The username that you use to log in to that Jira host. You can leave this empty if the host allows public access and the issues you want to retrieve are publicly available too.
Password Enter the password that you use to log in to that Jira host. If the host is a Jira Cloud instance, you need to create an API token for it and use that token here instead of your password.

Remember the Host ID

Each created Jira host will get a unique ID. You can see this ID in the list that the Jira Hosts page shows. Keep that ID in mind because you will need it in the shortcodes that will pull information from there.


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