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When first loaded, the Homepage presents itself in a collapsed and uncluttered way, showing the Services of the “General” Service Group.

Service Groups

IzzitUp organizes Services in Service Groups. A Service Group clusters Services that have a relation to each other, e.g. for which an Overall Status makes sense. The available Service Groups are presented by buttons at the top of the homepage.

Initially, the “General” Service Group will be loaded. A click on one of the Service Group buttons will reload the homepage showing the Services of the selected Service Group.

Below example shows a different Service Group.

Overall Status

The Overall Status bar changes its color based on the worst status of any Service in its Service Group.

All Services are operational:

At least one Service is impaired.

At least one Service is out.

Service Accordion

The Services are presented in form of an “Accordion”, a term used for several collapsible rows. The rows itself show the Service name and its current Status.

An animated circle is shown next to the Service’s Status if an event is currently going on affecting the Service.

A click on the Service name will expand its section and show a panel for each ongoing event for this Service.

Service Panel and Event Panel

The Service panel will show an availability progress bar for the current month. It will indicate uptime, impairment time and downtime by color.

Below that, there is the History button that will bring you to History page of the Service.

The Event panel will show its icon colored according to its type, its name and the animated circle on the right indicating that it is an ongoing event.

The footer will show the actual start date and time and for how long this Event is already ongoing.

Two buttons in the panel allow you to expand further information about the change.

Event Details

Clicking on the Details button will show more specific information of the event.

Event Updates

IzzitUp allows to add comments to events that editors can use to provide updates about the progress of an event. If such comments exist for an Event, the buttons Last Update and Previous Updates will be available to expand/collpase these comment sections.

The last update will be shown right away. Previous updates can be expanded by clicking the Previous Updates button.

Each comment will also show the date and time it was made and are ordered chronologically (newest at the bottom).

Upcoming Events

The upcoming events section will be shown if events are scheduled for one of the services of the current Service Group in the next 7 days.

Past Events

Below the Service Accordion another expandable section about past Events is available. It will show all completed events from the past that are not closed (archived) yet.

The vertical timeline on the left represents the chronological order (newest on top) and indicates the Resolution of the Event with an icon. The Event panels itself just work like the ones in the Service Accordion.





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