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IzzitUp License

IzzitUp License

IzzitUp is based on the GNU Public License v3.0 license.

In addition to the above license you agree to the following conditions if you decide to use or modify IzzitUp:

  1. You may NOT alter or disable code, comments, references, statements and displays related to the:
    1. Application information (name, version)
    2. Author’s information (name, URL, e-mail)
    3. Author’s copyright
    4. “Powered by” information in the footer
    5. About page
    6. Licensing or license restrictions
  2. You may alter the footer copyright name.
  3. Creation of modifications are allowed for personal use but does not change the license agreements or usage classification (personal, commercial). All conditions still apply.
  4. Usage of modifications under different license conditions than the original are not allowed and still require the same license fee.
  5. Distribution of modifications are not allowed.

Applying for a License

How to apply for a license is described here:

How to get a License


For non-commercial use, IzzitUp can be licensed for free to be run on one host.

For commercial use, IzzitUp can be licensed for € 144 / year to be run on one host.


Support issues for IzzitUp can be submitted on Lewe.com Support: https://georgelewe.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/5

Basic Support

Basic support is provided for non-commercial licenses. Basic support will be provided on a best-effort basis.

Priority Support

Priority support is provided for commercial licenses. Priority support issues will be addressed before basic support issues.


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