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Services are key objects in IzzitUp. Their status are shown on the homepage.

Besides the status, several other details are stored with a service that relate to other objects and features in IzzitUp.

The Service page shows the most important of them in a list view.

Columns of the Service List

Column Description
Name Shows the name of the Service. If an URL was stored for the Service, the name will link to it in a new browser tab.
Info The Info column shows icons that relate to certain properties of the Service, e.g. whether it is hidden or not. A mouse-over popup shows the details of the property.
Service Groups Lists all Service Groups that this Service is assigned to.
cURL Whenever the page is loaded and if a cURL was stored for the Service, a single ping to this cURL is performed. The response time is shown in this column.
Status Shows the current status of the Service.
Action Opens a dropdown menu with actions that can be performed fo the Service

Availability Bar

Underneath the columns an availability bar for the Service is shown based on the current month. The progress bar will show uptime, impairments and downtime.


You can filter the list of Services by several search options and clicking the Search button.

  • string search
  • by Service Group
  • by Status
  • by visibility

Creating a new Service

The Create Service button allows you to create a new Service.


The Action drop-down menu allows you to edit a Service, delete it or set a new status for it that will be shown on the home page.

Setting a new Status

A Service can have one of three status:

Status Description
Operational The service is up and running without any problems.
Impaired The service is up and running but has problems.
Outage The system is down.

Clicking “Set Status” from the Action menu will open a dialog in which you can select one of the above. Clicking Set Status in that dialog will set the Service to that status. This will be visible on the home page right away.

Hiding a Service

A Service can be hidden from the homepage. You might want to create and prepare it first and decide at a later point that you want to show it on the homepage. Hiding (or showing) a Service can be easily done from the Action menu.

Closing a Service

Closing a Service can be compared to archiving it. If a Service is not in service anymore and you want it out of your hair on the Service page, you can close it. Its status will be set to closed. It will not be shown on the homepage anymore and also not on the Services page.

By default, the Services page only shows all not closed Services. The closed ones are filtered out intially. You can still get them back by setting the Status filter to “All”:

Adding or Editing a Service

Only a few fields are required to add or edit a Service.

The new Service page will have preselected values for Status (Operational), Hidden (Checked) and Service Groups (General).

Hidden Services will not be shown on the homepage.

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