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Event Ticker

The Event Ticker allows to load an auto-refreshing page showing updates and comments of an event. Access permissions to the ticker can be set in the permission matrix.

Event Ticker Desktop

Event Ticker page on a desktop device

Event Ticker Mobile

Event Ticker page on a mobile device

The title section shows the name of the event that is being monitored and a progress bar counting the seconds after which the page will be refreshed automatically.

The Refresh now… button can be used to reload the page manually before the refresh time is over.

Below that, the status and the progress of the event are displayed. Here are a few examples how that can look:

Event Ticker Progress

The event is ongoing and the time passed is within the schedule.

Event Ticker Progress Overtime

The event is ongoing and the time passed has exceeded the planned schedule.

Event Ticker Progress Done

The event is completed.

Below the progress bar, the comments for this event are shown in descending order. The newest one is on top.

Finally, at the bottom of the page the details of the event can be seen.

Refresh Time

The Refresh Time of ticker pages can be set by the administrator on the Application Options page.

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