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Service Groups

Service Groups allow to cluster Services in logical groups. The Overall Status on the Homepage for exmaple makes more sense when it relates to services that belong together.

See the following examples of the hompage showing different service groups.

Service Group List

“General” is the default Service Group. It can only be edited by the adminstrator role. New Services are automatically assigned to the “General”  group if no other group is selected.

Creating a Service Group

Service Groups are easy to create. You can give them a name, a key, a description, a Fontawesome icon and a color.

On the Services tab, select the Services that belong to this group.

On the Permission tab, select the user groups that are allowed to manage the services of this service group. On the Permissions tab you can also restrict the service so that only certain users groups (that you can select) can view services of this group.

Editing a Service Group

You can change the information of a Service Group by editing it.

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