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AUI Icon


The Atlassian AUI contains a lot of icons. The AUI Icon macro makes them available to you for putting them onto your page.

Adding the Macro

  1. Edit your page.
  2. Select “+” => Other macros
  3. Type in “aui” in the Search box
  4. Select the “AUI Icon” macro

Macro Options


Select the icon you want. Use the AUI Icons table below to select the one you want.


The AUI Icons come in two sizes, small and large. Select your desired size here.


With inline styles you can influnece the display further, e.g. by specifying a custom color, e.g. #ffb300. See screenshot above.

AUI Icons

You can find the documentation about the available icons here:


On that page, hover the mouse over one of the icons to see its name.

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