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The [chordpress] shortcode assumes that the text wrapped in its tags is valid ChorPro format. It will render the text and display it “pretty” on your page.


[chordpress parameter="value" ...]your ChordPro text here[/chordpress]


Parameter Description Default
float Forces the output div element to float. This can be useful depending on other elements on your page. Supported values:

  • left
  • right
  • none
  • inherit
format Tells the plugin whether to render the text or not. There maybe cases where you actually just want to display the original ChordPro text. Support values:

  • no
  • yes
hbnotation This parameter allows to display chords in H/B notation: H is used instead of B, B is used insetad of Bb. This notation is used in some European countries. Read more about it here. no
interactive Tells the plugin to activate interactive mode. A drop down list with 11 semitone steps will be shown to the right of the song title.

Selecting a value from that list will transpose the chords by that many semitone steps up. E.g. an ‘Em’ chord transposed 5 steps up will become an ‘Am’ chord.

Supported values:

  • no
  • yes

Interactive mode will also place a print button next to the transpose listbox.

transpose Enter a positive or negative number for the amount of semitones to transpose the chords. 0


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9 thoughts on “[chordpress]”

    1. Hi Liliana,
      no, at this point you cannot switch on interactive mode per default. A good suggestion though. I will see what I can do…
      Best regards,

    1. Hi Thiago,

      no, that is not possible at the moment. The chords are prepared/loaded for the original chords only. If that was different, the plugin would have to load all possible chords based on any transposition level. That would take much to long.

      Best regards,

  1. Can an option be added to set a default key for a song and then have the transpose option list keys instead of numbers so people can just choose a new key for the song instead of having to figure out how to transpose up or down by a certain number. I feel this would be much more intuitive.

    1. Hi Chester,
      I saw you submitted a request at my Service Desk for this idea. Thanks for that. I will address it soon.
      Best regards,

    1. Hi Valdinei,
      I tried my test page and you sample page. In both cases, the Print feature works fine. I am using the newest Firefox.
      Are your local printer drivers and default printer setup ok?
      Best regards,

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