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The [chordpress] shortcode assumes that the text wrapped in its tags is valid ChorPro format. It will render the text and display it “pretty” on your page.


[chordpress parameter="value" ...]your ChordPro text here[/chordpress]


Parameter Description Default
float Forces the output div element to float. This can be useful depending on other elements on your page. Supported values:

  • left
  • right
  • none
  • inherit
format Tells the plugin whether to render the text or not. There maybe cases where you actually just want to display the original ChordPro text. Support values:

  • no
  • yes
hbnotation This parameter allows to display chords in H/B notation: H is used instead of B, B is used insetad of Bb. This notation is used in some European countries. Read more about it here. no
interactive Tells the plugin to activate interactive mode. A drop down list with 11 semitone steps will be shown to the right of the song title.

Selecting a value from that list will transpose the chords by that many semitone steps up. E.g. an ‘Em’ chord transposed 5 steps up will become an ‘Am’ chord.

Supported values:

  • no
  • yes

Interactive mode will also place a print button next to the transpose listbox.

transpose Enter a positive or negative number for the amount of semitones to transpose the chords. 0


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2 thoughts on “[chordpress]”

    1. Hi Liliana,
      no, at this point you cannot switch on interactive mode per default. A good suggestion though. I will see what I can do…
      Best regards,

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