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[chordpress-jtab] (2.x)


The [chordpress-jtab] shortcode utilizes the open source jTab library to display chord diagrams and notation. You can find more details about it here: https://jtab.tardate.com/


[chordpress-jtab parameter="value" ...]


Parameter Description Default
buttontext When using form=”true”, this is the text shown in the button for an online conversion of a jTab phrase Show jTab
color Color of the diagram. Use CSS code, e.g. #990000. none
form Set to “true” to show an input box with a button to convert a jTab phrase right one your page. false
id If you want to address the element with your own code, you can use this if to identify the DOM object. (This does not work when you use form=”true”) none
phrase Tha jTab phrase you want to have converted (find details here). 5


[chordpress-jtab phrase="G / C / D"]
[chordpress-jtab form="true" buittontext="Convert" phrase="C Em Am"]

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