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The [chordpress-chord] shortcode accesses a Guitar Chord post and displays it as a diagranm.


[chordpress-chord parameter="value" ...]


Parameter Description Default Example
barre Barre information for the chord none 5,1,1
chord The ID of the Guitar Chord post none 1033
fingers Finger settings for this chord none (3,2,’2′),(4,3,’4′),(5,3,’3′)
frets How many frets to show in the diagram 4 5
strings How many strings to show in the diagram (usually 6 for guitar and 4 for banjo) 6 4
position The first fret to show at the top of the diagram. Settings this to 1 shows the base fret at the top of the diagram. 1 2
title The title to be displayed above the diagram none My C Chord
tuning The tuning of the strings, shown underneath the diagram E,A,D,G,B,E E,A,D,G,H,E


[chordpress-chord chord="112"]
[chordpress-chord barre="5,1,1" fingers="(3,2,'2'),(4,3,'4'),(5,3,'3')" title="F# Major" tuning="E,A,D,G,H,E"]


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