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Guitar Chords


SVGuitar is an awesome Javascript guitar chord rendering module that replaces the Vexchord and jTab modules that ChordPress used before version 3.0.0. Constant problems with the latter two and that their developers seem to have abandoned them made me look for a suitable replacement. I found it in SVGuitar. It’s quality and features are far superior and I thank the developers for providing it to the community for free.

Chord Post Type

After you installed the ChordPress plugin, a new post type called “Guitar Chord” is available.

After creating a Guitar Chord post you can display the chord as a diagram anywhere on your pages or posts by using the [chordpress-chord] shortcut.

Adding a Guitar Chord Post

A Guitar Chord post needs the necessary information to display it as a diagram. When adding a new post you will be presented the screen to enter these information.

The help text of each field tells you what information you need to enter.

At the bottom you will see a sample diagram of your chord and below that the shortcode to use on your pages or posts to display it there.

Here is an example of how a C-Major chord could be configured.

Inserting a Guitar Chord in your page

Simply copy the shortcode shown to you in the Guitar Chord post and paste it into your page editor.

The Chord Sheet Feature

The “Show Chord Sheet” feature is an option you can enable for a rendered ChordPro text.

If it is enabled, the ChordPress plugin will scan through all chords used in a song (by their shortnames you have used) and try to find a corresponding Guitar Chord post based on its shortname. All chords found will be displayed in a chord sheet underneath the rendered ChordPro text. Make sure you have created a Guitar Chord post for each chord of a song that you want to display in the chord sheet.

Example output of a Chord Sheet

Chord Sheet Example


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14 thoughts on “Guitar Chords”

    1. Hi Wilson,
      the chord sheet is not atrribute based. You can switch them on/off on the ChordPress Options page in the backend.

  1. Hi,

    Great plugin that you have, congratulations!

    I’m wondering if you have any kind of chord library that we could import.


    1. Hi Ricardo,
      I am glad you like the plugin.
      I was actually thinking about providing a default set of chords before. Only, I didn’t have the time to address it yet. It is till on my radar though…
      Best regards,

  2. So now my wish list includes the following:

    1) Ability to place “Chords Used” at the TOP (before song) as opposed to the BOTTOM?
    2) Ability to apply changes to song text – padding, use Google fonts, etc.
    3) Ability to add capo information with top info (artist, album, etc).
    4) Ability to bold and color section headings (i.e., “Verse 1” … “Chorus” … “Bridge”)

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  3. Also it says Use this tab to specify global styles and formats for the ChordPress guitar chord diagrams. They can be overwritten by shortcode parameters.

    This won’t do. Need to be able to tweak the size and appearance of the chord diagrams.

  4. Nice plugin !! Thank you for that.
    A default set of chord and a possibility to download and integrate in the article list will be very welcome.

    1. Glad you like the plugin.
      I was actually getting at sample chords a few weeks back but I simply didn’t have the time to complete it. It’s tough these days. Sorry for that.

    1. Hi Nenad,
      it is an external module displaying the chords and I noticed some inconsistencies as well when several chords are displayed. Refreshing the page helped sometimes. I was not able to find a safe fix for that yet. I will look at it again…
      Best regards,

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