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Line Chart



The Chart.js Line Chart macro can show several data sets, each of them as lines or filled line areas.

Adding the Macro

  1. Edit your page.
  2. Select “+” => Other macros
  3. Type in “Chart.js” in the Search box
  4. Select the “Chart.js Line Chart” macro
  5. Enter and select the options of the macro
  6. Click Insert
  7. Put your data table in the macro body
  8. Save the page

Macro Options

Option Description
Chart ID Enter a unique identifier for this chart on your page. If you use more than one Chart.js chart on your page, make sure that each one of them has a different Chart ID. Use no blanks or special characters.
Show Title Switch on or off the display of the chart title. If switched on (default), the title is shown above the chart’s matrix as shown in the screenshot above: “My Chart.js Bubble Chart”.
Chart Title Enter the title of the chart. You can chose to display it or not by the “Show Title” checkbox.
Chart Width This value defines the width of the chart block. The chart itself will adjust to this size. You can enter a pixel (e.g. “500px”) or a percentage (e.g. “100%”) value. A pixel value will make the block exactly that size, a percentage value refers to the parent block, e.g. a Confluence page section. The default is “500px”. Enter the value without the quotes.
Chart Border Width The chart can have a border if you want so. Enter the size of it here in pixel. Enter just the number without the “px”, e.g. “1”. The default is “1”. Enter the value without the quotes.
Chart Border Color If you chose to display a border around the chart, you can enter the color of it here. Enter the hex value of the color starting with a “#”, e.g. “#d7d7d7”. Enter the value without the quotes.
Line Thickness Enter the thickness of the line in pixel. Enter 0 for none.
Point Radius Enter the radius of the value points in pixel. Enter 0 for none (continuous line).
Point Hover Radius Enter the radius of the value points in pixel when hovered.
Point Border Width Each point has a 1 pixel white border to separate it from the line. You can enter a higher pixel value here. 0 will default to the minimum of 1. (Note: If you want a continuous line, set the point radius to 0.)
Point Hover Border Width Enter the width of the value points when hovered over them in pixel. Enter 0 for no border.
Fill Line Area Select whether to use a background color for the area below the lines.
Straight Lines Check this option if you want straight lines from point to point instead of a Bezier curve.
Aspect Ratio With this option switched on, you can force the height to be the same as the width of the chart (square display).
Show Legend Select whether you want to show the legend or not.
Legend Position Select where to show the legend.
Show Tooltips Select whether you want to show the tooltips when hovering a bubble or not.
Show Data Table Select whether you want to show the data table of the macro body in the page view or not.

Data Table

The macro requires a table with your data in the macro body. It needs to follow a certain format. Here is an example used for the above screenshoot:

Series Color Apples Oranges Bananas Mangos Grapes
Maximum maroon 19 29 40 34 24
Minimum blue 10 12 20 14 4

Header Row

The table must have a header row. The first two cells are ignored. The rest are used to label line point of the chart.

Rows and Columns

Each subsequent row describes a data series. The label, color and its values.

Series Color Apples Oranges
The label of this series The color of this line. Use ‘random’ or one of the web colors. The first value (its label is taken from the header row) The second value (its label is taken from the header row)

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2 thoughts on “Line Chart”

  1. I created a line graph as described; the legend is displayed; according to the documentation, I’d expect that the labels in the legend are taken from the first colomn of the table, but the labels in the legend are all displayed as “null”. How can the lables in the legend for the differetn data series be set?

    1. Hi Lutz,
      please click the Support link in the top menu here and open a ticket about this. Please provide more details and the page source would help too to troubleshoot.
      Best regards,

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