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Chart.js for Confluence Manual


chartjs-for-confluenceChart.js for Confluence is a Confluence app that allows you to put Chart.js charts on your Confluence page.

What is Chart.js?

Chart.js is an open source Javascript charting module for websites by the great people at https://www.chartjs.org/, release under the MIT license.

It supports several different chart types like a bar chart or bubble chart.

What does this Confluence app do?

While including Chart.js charts in your website manually requires some coding expertise, this app makes it easy to put them on your Confluence pages via Confluence page macros.

Just put a table with your data into the macro body and the app does the rest.

Chart.js for Confluence provides 7 chart types and a core set of Chart.js options.


The Chart.js for Confluence app is available for Confluence Server. It is compatible with Conflunce Data Center as well.


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