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Theme “Neve”

neve-themeWhen it comes to themes most of it is about taste. For a support website though I feel that it needs to be simple, clear and easy to use. There is no need for visual effects and optical cherries. Another requirement I had was flexibility in changing key features like font styles, colors and layouts.

I found these qualities in Themeisle’s “Neve” theme. It comes in a free version and a pro version that you need to pay for. The free version was more than enough for what I was trying to achieve here.

I picked the “Charity” sample content to start with. It is not bloated with content but enough to get hands on experience with it. It uses the free Elementor page builder which helps to work on more complicated page designs. But not much of that was needed for my support site.

I selected “Montserrat” as the font and set the base colors to:

  • Link color: #0060b0
  • Link hover color: #ffb000
  • Text color: #404248

I used these colors for other elements as well to have everything match. I stripped the homepage of nearly everything but the banner and the news section. A few touch-ups here and there and that’s already it. The rest is mostly done by the Awesome Support and Wedocs plugins.


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