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The following animated gif shows an impression of the Bootstrap Spinners as they rotate or change size and opacity.


The Spinner is an animated “I am busy” indicator. You can use it for other visual purposes as well of course.

Adding the Macro

Edit your page.

Select “+” => Other macros

Type in “Bootstrap” in the Search box

Select the “Bootstrap Spinner” macro

Macro Options


Select the shape of the spinner

Shape Description
Border Spinner A rotating open circle
Growing Circle A circle with an animated increase in color opacity


Select one of the Bootstrap color styles.


Select between four sizes:

  1. Small
  2. Normal
  3. Medium
  4. Large

Display as Button

If you select this option, the spinner will be displayed as a button.

Button Text

If the “Display as Button” option is selected, you can add a button text here that will be displayed next to the spinner.

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2 thoughts on “Spinner”

  1. Can the Bootstrap Spinner be used standalone on a page to show while it is loading, then stop and show the page contents when the page is finished loading? Or is this just a spinner CSS you can use? In otherwords, does the spinner macro have the necessary javascript to indicate page start and stop time? Our Confluence admin does not allow us to use any HTML or Javascripting, so I was hoping the spinner macro can just be included on a page and it will show in the foreground while the page loads in the background.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Robert,
      your admin is careful and understandably so. HTML and Javascript can break things easily.
      The Bootstrap Visuals for Confluence does not install any Javascript fort that reason. It only provides the CSS. So you cannot connect the Spinner to an action of any kind. You put it on a page and it spins, and spins, and spins… 🙂
      I understand your use case and it would indeed be nice but it is not possible. Sorry.
      Best regards,

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