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The screenshot shows three different variations of the Bootstrap Panel.


The Bootstrap Panel gives you most freedom in applying Bootstrap styles. It is based on a panel shape with a body text. You can define colors for text, background and border, apply a border radius and give it your own external CSS classes and define custom styles on top.

The parameters used in the three examples above are explained below in the Macro Options table.

Adding the Macro

Edit your page.

Select “+” => Other macros

Type in “Bootstrap” in the Search box

Select the “Bootstrap Spacer” macro

Macro Options

Option Description Screenshot (Top) Screenshot (Middle) Screenshot (Bottom)
Text Color Select one of the Bootstrap colors inherit light white
Background Color Select one of the Bootstrap colors inherit info danger
Top Border Show a top border
Right Border Show a right border
Bottom Border Show a bottom border
Left Border Show a left border
Border Color Select one of the Bootstrap colors warning warning
Border Radius Select a border radius rounded rounde-circle
ID Optional ID if you want to address the object from an external source
Other Classes Apply custom classes that are available on your page
CSS Styles Enter optional custom styles width:400px; padding:8px;border-width:8px !important;width:400px; width:50px;height:50px;border-width:4px !important;text-align:center;font-size:32px;
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