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List Group Item



A List Group combines a group of button-like items in a vertical (default) or horizontal arrangement. Each item can be just a simple text or a link to a URL. Each item can have a status (Default, Active or Disabled) and be displayed in one of the Bootstrap styles.

In order to put a List Group on your page, you need two macros, the “List Group” macro and on or more “List Group Item” macros that you must place inside the List Group macro body.

Adding the Macro

Edit your page.

Select “+” => Other macros

Type in “Bootstrap” in the Search box

Select the “Bootstrap List Group Item” macro

Macro Options

Item Text

Enter the text that the itme shall show.


You can add a URL here that the item will link to. Start with http:// or https://.

Link Tooltip

This text will be shown as a tooltip when you hover over an item that has a link.


Select the target of the linked page.


Select the status of the item.

Refer to the reference table below to see how the status are displayed.


Select the background color style of the item.

Refer to the reference table below to see how the styles are displayed.

Status and Style Reference

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