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Alert Box



The Alert Box is a panel basically. You can define the style and the title in the macro dialog. The macro body is displayed in the panel. In the above example, that is the “Lorem ipsum” text.

Adding the Macro

Edit your page.

Select “+” => Other macros

Type in “Bootstrap” in the Search box

Select the “Bootstrap Alert Box” macro

Macro Options


Select one of the Bootstrap color styles.


If you want to add a heading to your alertbox, you can enter it here. If you do, it will be followed by a horizontal line befoer the body is shown.

If you use a plugin or macro that reads out the headings of your page, this heading will be included!

Heading Level

Select the heading level that you want your alertbox heading to have.



You can select that the alertbox is dismissible. In that case, an x will be shown in the upper right corner that, when clicked, will hide the alertbox.


This macro supports a body. The content that you place in the content will be displayed inside the alertbox.

After you save the macro while editing the page, put any text or another macro in the body:

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2 thoughts on “Alert Box”

  1. Have you thought about allowing these boxes to have a filter based on the group assigned to make these dynamic?
    * Show only if user is in group {insert group name(s), separated by commas}, and
    * Hide if user is in group {insert group name(s), separated by commas}

    1. Hi Tizzy,
      BSV does not read or process an Confluence data, incl. user or group information.
      You are probably referring to the Visibility plugin becoming commercial. Maybe someone else will produce a free alternative.
      Best regards,

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