Data Center Compatibility

Why is your Atlassian Plugin not Data Center compatible?

If that question means “Do your Confluence plugins work in a Data Center environment?” – Yes, they do.

If that question refers to the Atlassian Marketplace ‘Data Center’ label, no ,they don’t have that label. And they never will if Atlassian does not change their corresponding policy.

The “Data Center” label on Atlassian’s Marketplace requires a combination of technical and organizational requirements to achieve it. While a plugin might be technically fit to work perfectly in a Data Center environment, you will not get the label if the developing business behind it is not large enough in the sense of being an Enterprise-like software provider.

It is unfortunate that Atlassian is combining these requirements because it rules out many great plugins by developers that don’t run a large enough business.

I suggested to Atlassian several times to maintain two different labels on their Marketplace, one called “Data Center” to indicate that the plugin works fine in a Data Center environment and one called “Enterprise Provider” to indicate the size of the provider behind the plugin. Until now they have not reacted to it. I really hope they will.

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